The Advantages To Sell Link With Broker

Optimization, or commonly known as SEO is one of the other advantages of buying and selling business link. Many people are interested to buy links, so the opportunity for those who want to sell a little space for the link on your blog. Most of the broker requires that you install the script on the website listed, the script will automatically display links that ordered after the transaction. So, you do not need to put up the link manually.

However, in addition to providing convenience, the script also has disadvantages in terms of "security". As we have explained in the previous post. Google hates link buying and selling activities that aim to improve pagerank and often lower pagerank websites detected perform these activities.

Installation of the script provided by the broker makes google to detect sites that do the buying and selling activities link. It is never our own experience, one's own web site we previously had lowered pagerank 5 pageranknya as "caught" by google.

Actually, not all brokers adopting the installation script to put the link, there are also brokers who use the installation link manually.

Broker help you to market your own web site to potential advertisers. You just need to join the website and register. If the website you registered eligible and approved, the broker will put it in the marketplace and offer it to prospective advertisers.

You are also likely to earn income or invite others to refer advertisers and publishers to sign up. When the publisher and advertiser transaction you refer, you will earn a commission. Affiliate strategy is done by the broker to expand and enlarge their network. Apparently this strategy proved successful, one example is text link ads which currently has more than 40,000 publishers. More and more publishers and advertisers who join and make a deal, the more also the commissions earned by the broker.

Brokers collect publisher and advertiser as a seller as a buyer in one place. It is, easier for them to find the "opponent" for the transaction.


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